Every weekend volunteers are coming out to conserve the Park during our Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative, otherwise known as VIP! You can, too! This weekend we had many volunteer groups come out to help, and we’ve got another exciting volunteer opportunity coming up: Earth Week!

WKU Students, from various organizations, have continued to make their presence known over the past few weeks continuing the restoration efforts at the park as well as assisting with the flood clean-up, and we are thankful for their support!

The young men and women from WKU ROTC have worked closely with Lost River Cave staff, identifying and removing wintercreeper from trees, such as the common hackberry and our state tree, the tulip poplar, as well as helping to remove stumps of cut bush honeysuckle from around Blue Hole #3, which will have native plants installed later on in the year.

The gentlemen from Delta Tau Delta have continued to remove large patches of wintercreeper, an invasive vine that chokes out native species, from areas closely encroaching the meadow habitat. They also helped reset the trail with logs, to encourage park guests to stay on the trail and to keep the soil from being compacted. This allows for more native plants to grow. They also had some great help from a frequent park guest and friend of the park, Eileen!

The young women of the WKU Wildlife Conservation Club worked closely with staff to remove woody brush from the prairie, as we continue establishing this large habitat. Removing the woody brush will keep native flowers and grasses from being shaded out, as well as reducing competition for nutrients.

We will continue our efforts every Saturday from 1p-4p and all are welcome to attend and assist with the park restoration! We have another great opportunity to get outdoors and support nature that is coming up soon, so sign up and mark your calendars! Earth Week is right around the corner, April 18th-24th, 2021! Click here to find out more!