Let’s Do Something Amazing Together

Since our early days in 1990, volunteers have been integral to the preservation and conservation of Lost River Cave and furthering the mission of enriching and educating more lives through connections in nature. Volunteering at Lost River Cave is a great activity for students, individuals, groups, and families. Work alongside the Lost River Park Guides and Naturalists and be a Habitat Hero!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lost River Cave! Our volunteers enjoy creating a dynamic learning environment for the community and fostering environmental awareness and appreciation of nature. Participating in acts of service enables people to expand their network of fellow nature lovers and amplifies their understanding of the outdoors.

  • Volunteers 13 and older are encouraged to participate at any level at any of our Annual Events or daily individual opportunities.
  • Groups are always welcome but encouraged to schedule specific days with our volunteer coordinator.
  • All volunteers are required to fill out a new waiver every year. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Volunteers should use our online sign-up system by clicking on the opportunities below.

Want to gain experience in the world of conservation? Bring your talents and effort to Lost River Cave and participate in our programs and build your skills!

  • Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative – Great for kids and first-time volunteers! Help plant materials (seasonal) and weed and dead-head dead flowers (monthly).
  • Pollen-Aiders Club!-Great for kids and located close to the Gift Shop!
  • Litter Control– Great for kids and first-time volunteers!
  • Community Nature Journal- Contribute to our Community Nature Blog! Sign up here! 
  • Volunteer at our Events!
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Upcoming Opportunities

Contact us to schedule your group or club volunteer activity! Call 270.393.0077 or email [email protected]

Volunteer Invasive Plant (VIP) Initiative

The VIP Initiative is a program that enlists our community to help preserve the woodland, wetlands, and wildlife of Lost River Cave and Valley, by removing invasive and exotic plants.

Bring gardening gloves and a water bottle.  We will provide a cooler with water.  You are welcome to bring your own tools to the park, such as shovels, rakes, pruners, loppers, and hand saws, but we ask you not to bring power tools or chainsaws.

VIP Days will be scheduled on the fourth Saturday of every month from March-November1:00pm-4:00pm. Plant pulls may be canceled due to a lack of participants and weather-related issues. Click here to check the calendar of VIP Days! If you’d like to schedule a group Volunteer Invasive Plant Pull on an alternate day, contact Gavin at [email protected].

Community Nature Journal

The Community Nature Journal is an ongoing project to document the nature experience at Lost River Cave. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up and walk the trails and recording any nature observations along the way. We will then share the observations on our Community Nature Blog!

Check-in at the Lost River Cave Gift Shop and check out a Nature Blog sheet and enjoy your hike! As you walk, take notes of the natural world and turn the sheet in when you’re done!

Our trained park staff will then work to identify your findings and they will be published on our Nature Blog!

Sign up anytime! Nature never stops! This activity can be done year-round!

Pollen-Aiders Club!

Want to help your local pollinators?

Assist the birds, bees, and butterflies by tending to the pollinator gardens at Lost River Cave, conveniently located in the Nature Explorer Playscape outside the Gift Shop. Learn about your local plants all while helping provide host and feeding plants for native wildlife!

Jobs include flowerbed weeding, leaf collection, identifying native plants, wildflower seed collection, or even just watering the plants!

Volunteer when you want as long as you want! Sign up for the time that best suits your schedule.

Bring gardening gloves and a water bottle!

Volunteering with the Pollen-Aiders Club is easy! Click on the button above and choose whatever time suits you and your family best!

Citizen Science: Tree Inventory

Benefits This Year In 10 Years In their Lifetime
Gallons of Rainfall intercepted 39,028 431,195

Gallons of Storm Water Run off avoided 3,954 43,687 130,014

Pounds of Air Pollutants absorbed 25 285 842
Pounds of CO2 Reduction 3,490 39,077

Trees inventoried 40

Want to learn more about your local trees?

To understand the benefits the Lost River Cave property provides the local community, we need to inventory as many trees as possible and we need your help!

Sign up to help inventory the trees today! Check out a Tree Inventory Kit from the Lost River Cave Gift Shop and track our tree’s progress on our Website!

What benefits are we tracking?

Gallons of Rainfall intercepted
Gallons of Stormwater Runoff avoided
Pounds of Air Pollutants are absorbed and intercepted, reducing energy production needs and lowering the air temperature.
Pounds of CO2 reduction by sequestration, and decreased energy production needs and emissions.

How do you calculate the benefits?

o We will use a publicly available program, itreetools. itree Design
o This program will help calculate the tree’s benefits and the results will continue to be available to the public on Lost River Cave’s website.

o Smart Phone with GPS App (GPS Tracks, has a free download), and a Tree ID App. (Leaf Snap works great!)

o A reusable water bottle

Volunteers will be required to walk around the park at their own pace. This may include going up and down hills and walking through the woods at the park. So we recommend this program for teens, adults, and seniors.

Become A Nature Center Docent

Docents are an invaluable group of volunteers who help nature centers across the country

connect people to nature. Fill out the Docent Application here!

Docents are specially trained volunteers who provide educational programs and support at Lost River Cave’s Nature Education Center. Docents are volunteers, teachers, and interpretive guides all wrapped into one individual. They truly love what they do and willingly donate their time to help connect people to nature by sharing what they love with others.

As a docent at Lost River Cave, you will learn to interpret information, becoming a bridge between your audience and the natural world.

  • You’ll gain environmental education experience and skills.
  • You will learn about the native flora and fauna found on the 72-acre park.
  • You will help with special events and programs for all ages.
  • Your own skills, education, and interests will help the public foster a deeper appreciation for nature.

Docents are an invaluable group of volunteers who help nature centers across the country.

There’s so much more going on at Lost River Cave. Check out the full calendar of upcoming events.