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Summer Donor Spotlight: Ginny and Bill Pfohl

Ginny and Bill Pfohl consider Lost River Cave and Valley to be a natural treasure right within the city of Bowling Green Kentucky.  When someone asks, “what is there to do in Bowling Green?”, this is at the top of their list! They are amazed at having “something this beautiful so close to a population center.” 


Ginny and Bill remember when Lost River was a regional dumping ground for trash and anything people wanted to dispose of – they just pushed it over the cliff and it ‘disappeared.’ They remember the beginnings of the challenging LRC cleanup efforts and what a difference that started to make. They have been members of Friends of Lost River for many years and have followed what they consider to be a dramatic change from dumping ground to today’s magnificent nature preserve.  They especially like to walk past the blue holes back along the trails to the Lost River Spring, stopping at the Butterfly Habitat when it’s in season.  They think the cave itself is magnificent and the boat tours are a huge improvement from when the early tours required walking up the hill (inside the cave) to the Jesse James Spring overlook. 


They feel strongly that it is critical for the Cave and Valley to be preserved and protected for future generations to appreciate; “We know how important it is for peoples’ mental health to have a dose of nature as a stress reliever.” As educators, they understand just how important it is for children to enjoy nature education and learn to value our natural resources with a ‘real’ hands-on experience.  This is why Ginny and Bill have chosen to become not only members but also donors. They have made their goal very clear: to help protect what they consider to be our city’s own natural treasure, Lost River Cave and Valley, forever.  


Ginny and Bill greatly value the mission statement of the Friends of Lost River and the continuity with which they believe it provides, “It gives us the security of knowing that our financial investment in Lost River will be protected and used wisely for the betterment of our community.”  


We’re so grateful to have supporters like Ginny and Bill, and for the opportunity for you to get to know them, too!

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