Here we go again…just 9 weeks since near-record flooding, we find ourselves underwater again.

Nine short weeks ago over 5 inches of rainfall caused a huge flood at the Cave. We’re the lowest point for 55-square miles, so any rainfall in that area, called a watershed, comes to the Cave. Too much, too quickly equals flooding.

Tuesday’s rainfall caused flash flooding all around our area and caused the Cave to flood…again. Waters rose to cover the dancefloor of the Cavern Nite Club and flooded the Riverwalk once more.

We’ve taken on clean-up once, and we’re ready to do it again after this unprecedented double dose of flash flooding. Mulching, new electrical fittings, and oh so much sediment removal for the second time this year will take lots of staff and resources. We’re ready to band together to get it done, and your support can help make a difference.  If you’d like to help out, you can donate to our “Flash-Fundraiser” on Facebook here.

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Keep scrolling for photos of this second massive flood below.

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