What a week! Volunteers came out in force for Earth Week that ran from April 18th through the 24th. Native flora and fauna rejoice! Read on to get an Earth Week recap and check out some pics of our amazing volunteers taken throughout the week.

“Volunteering is the voice of the people put into action.
These actions shape and mold the present into
a future of which we can all be proud.”
– Helen Dyer

This year’s Earth Week had over 120 people and 12 sponsors that went above and beyond! Each day, amazing volunteers removed invasive and exotic plants that encroach on native wildflowers and wildlife habitat. The main target removed from the area was Wintercreeper Vine, an invasive species that was blocking out native growth.

Rain or shine, volunteers were with us all week long making a difference and learning about the benefits of native plants for our local wildlife.

We also had the pleasure of hosting Daily Nature Programs for our volunteers and community during that entire week! The programs included bird hikes, nature journaling, scavenger hunt, crafting a hiking stick, and making take-home native seed balls. We also were delighted to host a Planting for Pollinator class and have a Native Plant Sale. All programs were a big hit!

We are so grateful for EnSafe, Inc.CrowdSouth, and the Warren County Conservation District, for sponsoring these programs that were designed for the public to enjoy. We hope to continue offering a few of these programs throughout the year, so we can connect more people in our community to nature!

So many volunteer groups joined us including scout groups, fraternity and sorority members, local high school Beta Clubs, and families. We had groups like the SOKY Wild Ones and businesses like General MotorsStarbucks and ARGI. We can’t say it enough – thank you!!

Volunteers have been the heart of Lost River Cave from the very beginning! Here at Lost River Cave, every week is Earth Week as we continue to work to restore the park’s beautiful 72 acres. We hope you’ll join us next year, if not sooner.

Check out one of our other upcoming volunteer opportunities! Help us bring conservation back into the conversation and inspire the next generation to do so, too!

Keep scrolling to check out photos from the week and see our wonderful Earth Week sponsors!

Thank You to Our Earth Week Sponsors!

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