Community Nature Journal Entry: March 7, 2021

Join along with our journaling volunteers to experience the park from their eyes.


Volunteer: Abbie

Day and Time: Sunday, March 7th, 2021, 10:30 am

Weather: Sunny, clear skies, a little windy Temperature: Low 50s


    1. Heard lots of different bird songs out today-definitely crows and cardinals, alongside other calls I was not sure of.
    2. Caught a glimpse of an orange butterfly with black spots across its wings.
    3. Spotted little bit of diversity among the paw and shoe prints in the mud, smaller tracks with longer, almost finger-like digits, may squirrel prints?
    4. Pair of larger brown birds circling and gliding overhead—spotted a couple of smaller grey or beige-ish birds as well in the trees near me.
    5. Lots of little black wormy creatures stuck to one of the fallen longs—mostly dead it seems like.
    6. Insect actually landed on my glasses. Large-ish black creature with clear wings and long. Long body, long antennae, long legs. Very persistent probably something typical, but it did land on my face, so I thought it was worth noting.
    7. Orange spider spotted along the upper trail, had black and white stripes on its legs with red, wavy pattern on its back.
    8. Cardinal update: actually, saw a female. Been hearing them everywhere, but the first time I’ve seen one today.

Nature Take-Aways:  

1. Cardinalis cardinalis: familiar backyard bird, listen for its “whata-cheer-cheer-cheer”, territorial call in the spring. (“Birds of Kentucky: Field Guide”, Stan Tekiela)  
2. More than likely these were the paw prints of raccoons, guests, and other staff.
7. Black and white striped legs and red patterns on the back are a common trait among orb-weaving spiders. (National Wildlife Federation, Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America, Evans.)


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