Community Nature Journal Entry: February 4, 2021

Join along with our journaling volunteers to experience the park from their eyes.


Community Nature Journal Entry

Volunteer: Autumn

Day and Time: Thursday, February 4th, 2021, 12:40 pm

Weather: Musty, rainy Temperature: 30°-40°


Invasive species on the left of the trail, walking toward the bridge.

Birds chirping high in the trees, so high you can’t see them.

The smell of rain from overnight still stands, heavily.

Trees still have no leaves due to cold weather.

Fallen branches* on the path due to weather.

Bark from trees, slowly falling off.

Wind blowing signs around the property.

People seem to follow the LNT examples.

Sticks on the ground are wet and soggy.

Nature Take-Aways:

  • *Maclura pomifera: The osage orange tree is either male or female, and the female produces the large green hedge-apples. It speculated this tree may have adapted large fruit to be dispersed by extinct North American megafauna, like the North American camel. (Fincher, 2015)
  • This tree was removed due to decay and storm damage.