Community Nature Journal Entry: October 9, 2021

Join along with our journaling volunteers to experience the park from their eyes.


Volunteer Nature Journal Entry

Volunteer: Tori

Day and Time: October 9, 2021, Noon

Weather: Sunny, 80 degrees F


     A quarter-sized bee lands on flowers, looking for nectar.

                A yellow and black oval bug crawls on a log.

                A creature (can’t see it) makes noises, like a ring or a click.

                Gray and white bird chirps.

                A group of ants surrounds a plant.

                A shiny green bug crawls on a leaf.

                A yellow-striped bug crawls on another leaf.

                 A small red and black circular bug crawled on me.

                A tiny black spider crawled on the paper.

                A small, long fish swims in Blue Hole 3.

                A red wasp flies around.

                A swarm of gnats flies around a piece of wood.

Nature Take Away: 

It sounds like Tori observed many pollinators. Gray and white birds that chirp around the park or more than likely mockingbirds. A small, long fish in Blue Hole 3, is more than likely our Kentucky black bass.


If you’d like to volunteer to complete a nature inventory at the park for our volunteer Community Nature Journal, you can sign up here.