If you can’t make it out to the Charlie Miller Butterfly Habitat every day and want to enjoy a group of your own fluttering friends, you might consider creating your own butterfly garden! In this post, we’ll share how to get your butterfly garden started.

Butterflies can be attracted to your yard if you create the right conditions in your own mini habitat! Butterflies love warmth, so they need a sunny, open area. They also need safe spaces to sleep, breed, and lay eggs, so you’ll need plants that not only provide nectar to adult butterflies, but ones that can safely host eggs and feed butterflies in every stage of their life cycle. Another necessity is water! Butterflies need shallow puddles; you may have seen a butterfly “puddling” or gathering around a puddle after rain. They take in water and minerals from the muddy mineral-rich water of puddles. For more specific details to create your very own butterfly habitat, check out the links below!


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