The nature programs at Lost River Cave are designed to provide the best quality educational experience for grades K-12.

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Field Trip Program Guide

Geology Rocks---------
Sinking Into Karst---
Birds of the Wetland----------
Animal Encounter
Woodland Wildlife---------
Into the Forest---------
Weather & Wool---------
Dominance in the Forest---
Carving Out Commerce----
Bowling Green Under Two Flags---------
Native Cultures at the Cave---------
A Model Watershed (K-2)----------
A Model Watershed (3-6)---------
A Model Watershed (7-12)-------
Nature's Filter----------
How Wetlands Work (K-2)----------
How Wetlands Work (3-12)---
Water Quality Parameters---
Cave Geology---
Cave Ecology---

There’s so much more going on at Lost River Cave. Check out the full calendar of upcoming events.