Park Guides (Zip or Boat Guides) & Cashiers

Currently taking applications for 2022 Season (March-November)-Interviews begin in January 2022

Lost River Cave Park Guides and Cashiers are part of the front lines and the face of our organization. We are encouraging charismatic and guest-oriented people to apply for this position. This part-time, hourly position requires flexible hours including weekends and holidays.

Want to join us before 2022? We love to hire from our Volunteer Core, join us for our programs, like the Volunteer Invasive Plant Initiative or any of our other Volunteer Opportunities! See our Volunteer page for more information!

To Apply

For Park Boat and Zip Guides, complete online application or turn in complete application to our front desk inside our Gift Shop. You may submit an up-to-date and accurate resumé with application.

No phone calls will be accepted.

Lost River Cave is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing for the conservation of the cave, woodlands, wetlands, prairie and wildlife located on the 70-acre park preserve.