Facility Manager


Lost River Cave’s Property Management Department oversees the maintenance needs for all buildings, equipment, tour boats, and natural areas of the 72-acre park. The property manager directs and works alongside a maintenance crew of 2-3 individuals to ensure that guests experience a clean and safe environment while at the park. This individual must have an interest in working outdoors year-round. This is a year-round, full-time employment position.

Lost River Cave Vision and Mission:

The vision of the Friends of Lost River, Inc. is that citizens of all ages in south central Kentucky learn to appreciate the region’s natural environments and cultural heritage of Kentucky’s Cave Country and become a network of stewards who advocate for the preservation of the environment and the cultural history.

The mission of the Friends of Lost River Cave is to educate and enrich lives through connections with nature. Lost River Cave provides outdoor experiences that nurture a connection to nature, creates stewards of the Karst environment, and fosters an appreciation of Lost River Cave’s cultural history and geological significance.

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