Give to preserve nature and keep Lost River Cave wild and free!

You may remember a time not too long ago when Lost River Cave and the surrounding land was not a place you’d go to “find yourself in nature.”

Photographs like the ones below were taken throughout the 1990’s during Lost River Cave’s near decade of cleanup. Because of people like you, an amazing transformation has taken place at Lost River Cave. Today, you’ll find kids and adults on the trails exploring, experiencing, and finding themselves in nature.

Lost River Cave is a living testament to hard work and commitment, but it needs your continued support.  Will you give to protect and preserve the trails with a special year-end gift that keeps nature wild and free?

It takes all of us to protect Lost River Cave’s place in our community and our lives.  Donate online now or print this form and return with your donation.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you in advance for your gift.